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Paul Herdsman, A Man with a Vision

by Chris Holden - November 14th, 2019.
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Paul Herdsman

Paul Herdsman is a man with a vision. He is originally from Kingston, Jamaica but currently lives in Florida. After many years of working as an employee in corporations managing businesses, he ventured out to found his own business. From his early beginnings in the business world, Mr. Herdsmans had an inclination towards customer service, but desired to provide an upgraded and streamlined experience. This propensity along together with his business management background lead him to eventually Co-Found NICE Global in 2014.

NICE Global

NICE Global provides customer service with a personal touch. Mr. Herdsman centralized the company’s services, ensuring more effective management and oversight. They provide a variety of services to globally located corporations such a live chat, troubleshooting software, after-business hours phone support, telemarketing sales and etc.

Paul Herdsman drew on his rich background of management and customer service skills to provide an upgraded and seamless communications experience. He realized early on that customers want to speak to a live person rather than an automated service. Customers prefer someone that can understand and appropriately manage their requests and concerns. NICE Global provides that personal touch by staffing their company with native English speakers that are highly trained in customer service.

Secrets to Success

The secret to Mr. Herdsman success with NICE GLOBAL is valuing his most important assets. When employees are happy and feel respected they are more likely to stick around. Long-time employees have important training and experience so it only makes sense to invest in them. By providing continuing training and education employees are able to develop a clear vision that leads to higher opportunities.

The challenge for many entrepreneurs is the ability to delegate responsibility. Mr. Herdsman discovered another secret to success and that it to hire competent staff and put to faith in their abilities. He has learned that when he allows others to share his responsibilities it leads to a smoother functioning operation. By doing this, Mr. Herdsman is able to focus his attention on the long-term future of the company.

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