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Paul Mampilly – How People Should Use their Earnings to Grow their Income?

by Chris Holden - July 3rd, 2019.
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Paul Mampilly is a reputed and seasoned investor as well as a financial expert based in the United States. He is originally from India and went to the United States to complete his higher studies from the Fordham University, where he completed his Masters in Business Administration. After the completion of his studies, Paul joined the investment banking world and started working as an assistant portfolio manager for Banker’s Trust. It provided him the knowledge and experience needed to make smart financial and investment decisions for his clients, which helped them achieve their financial goals and objectives with ease. Check out this link

Paul Mampilly worked for several other organizations in his career, including Deutsche Bank, ING and Kinetics Asset Management, before switching his career completely to become a senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. The decision of Paul Mampilly to join Banyan Hill Publishing was influenced by the fact that common people suffered financially due to the lack of financial awareness in the market. The main street Americans were unable to invest smartly, and it affected their investment portfolio and strategy drastically, especially when it comes to future financial planning. Paul Mampilly thinks by spreading the financial knowledge through his newsletters; it would help the common people to better their finances, which would eventually lay a firm foundation for the stronger economy of the country.

If you have been struggling with managing your finances and want some tips on getting better returns on your investments, following the advice of Paul Mampilly would help you choose the right investment products for yourself. It would ease the financial burden on you and reduce the risk of losses, especially when it comes to investments in the stock market. He advises people to invest in the stock market and then forget about it for a few years. Long term investments are becoming popular as it helps them increase their income and also minimize risks. He believes that more and more people understand the importance of long term investments, and for that, he provides information on the technology that would easily have an effect on the financial world in the coming years. Read more on

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