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Paul Mampilly On Bitcoin And The Cryptocurrency Craze

by Chris Holden - January 5th, 2018.
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Bitcoin has been the biggest financial story of 2017 and probably one of the top general news stories of the past decade. With all the noise around cryptocurrencies, there is much confusion about what to make about this new financial asset. Former hedge fund manager Paul Mampilly recently gave his thoughts on bitcoin and the emerging world of cryptocurrencies.

First of all, Mr. Mampilly believes that the cryptocurrency bubble of about to burst. While Paul Mampilly does not set a specific timeframe as to when the cryptocurrency world will come crashing down, he is adamant that many people will lose their money. As an example, Mr. Mampilly points to the tech stock craze of 1999. Even though there were investors making a 1000% return on their stock picks, these investors were unwilling to cash their gains. Mr. Mampilly himself sold all of his stocks in 1999 and continued to see the market continue its gains. However, his timing allowed Mr. Mampilly to lock in gains and not lose a dime during the tech crash of 2000.

Paul Mampilly believes that cryptocurrency is in a bubble for two main reasons. The first being is that the price of the flagship cryptocurrency, bitcoin, has risen over 1800% in 2018 alone. Secondly, Mr. Mampilly points out that people have become emotionally attached to their investment, something that can spell disaster for people who will be unwilling to sell until it is too late.

Mr. Mampilly began his financial career at Deutch Bank in 1991. From the beginning, Mr. Mampilly managed accounts worth millions of dollars. In addition to his work at Deutch Bank, Mr. Mampilly also managed accounts for the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Mr. Mampilly’s career in the hedge fund world began when he was recruited by the Kinetics International Fund. At Kinetics, Mr. Mampilly help steer the $6 billion dollar hedge funds to huge gains including an investment in Sarepta Therapeutics which led to a 2000% return. Mr. Mampilly also invested in Netflix in 2008 which also led to a very favorable return for the hedge fund leader.

Today, Paul Mampilly is retired from the hedge fund world however, he continues to share his financial insights on various media outlets.

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