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Paul Saunders on How to Get Business Funding

by Chris Holden - September 7th, 2019.
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First, let’s talk a bit about Paul Saunders. Paul and a partner, Kevin Brandt, founded their business in 1995. James River Capital is based in Richmond Virginia and is involved in various financial services. Paul Saunders, CEO of James River Captial, has excellent qualifications for growing and financing a business. Paul has the following suggestions for financing a business.


Bootstrapping is a method of business finance that utilizes savings, credit cards, loans from family and friends, sale of collectibles, etc. For small businesses, bootstrapping may be all that’s needed. Larger businesses may require other forms of financing.

When James River Capital was founded, crowdfunding was not such a big idea. Now there are Web Sites that facilitate crowdfunding for exciting business ideas. The problem with crowdfunding is that funders do not get a piece of the business for the money that they put up. Therefore, incentives are offered to help Internet funders to part with their money. T-shirts and coffee cups are offered to funders. It is also common to offer a certain number of free products or reduced-price products.

There are business loans through banks or the SBA. These loans usually require excellent credit. If one’s credit is a bit damaged, it may be necessary to get a collateral loan based on one’s working capital and equipment.

Local entrepreneurs may be excited by one’s business idea. To get in touch with these entrepreneurs contact the Chamber of Commerce or College or Business School. One can find lists of local business owners there who may be willing to finance your start-up.

There are other investors known as Angel investors who usually loan $10,000 or more to start-ups. To find such investors check out the Angel Capital Association on the Internet   .

Venture Capitalists may take an interest in one’s business if the idea is appealing and one can present an extensive and detailed business plan. Venture Capitalists are looking for high returns in a relatively short time-frame.

One can sell shares of one’s business to potential investors, but in doing so give up one’s equity and possibly control of the business.

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