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Paula Wallace SCAD Interview By The List

by Chris Holden - August 13th, 2020.
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Paula Wallace takes pride in SCAD’s four international campuses. As the school celebrates 40 years, the founder, Paula Wallace, answers some questions in an interview by The List.

Paula Wallace SCAD expresses her joy in the numerous opportunities the school has created. She also comments that the school has graduated the first-ever students from some courses. The best thing, however, is the alumni’s 99% employment rate. As such, the students get a chance to be mentored by the most exceptional talents in the industry during workshops and other platforms the school provides.

The events that the school hosts play a significant role in educating the students. Guests speakers invited also mentor the students. They also get to interact on different levels, and students get to see what their career involves in the real world. Go Here for related Information.

SCADpro program was also introduced to give students some experience that gives them a head start on their career journey. The program involves ten weeks to provide solutions for industrial problems to prominent companies. The students get to present their innovations to companies like NASA and Samsung. As a result, many students have collaborated with Some of these companies to work on the innovations.

SCAD, commonly known for design and architectural projects, faced some challenges in renewing some buildings. Scorpions was a common issue when building the Lacoste campus. Trying to repurpose and renew an old building while still maintaining its ancient personality has also been a challenge. This, however, has not stopped Paula Wallace SCAD from making SCAD an institution for great art and architectural design internationally. See Related Link to learn more.

SCAD is not only a school but also a community. “marriages are made here.” Paula Wallace comments. She also adds that the students team up even after leaving school to form business groups and companies that help each other grow.


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