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Portfolio Manager Igor Cornelsen Offers Advice To His Fellow Investors

by Chris Holden - August 21st, 2019.
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Igor Cornelsen was an executive in the investment banking industry for many years before launching Bainbridge Investments. He started this company in 1995 after having had huge success in managing his investments. He manages his client’s investment portfolios, focusing on long-term success. While based in Brazil, he invests globally in individual stocks.

He has offered investment advice to others many times over the years. Igor Cornelsen says the key is to research everything thoroughly before you invest in something. Too often people engage in emotional investing instead of thinking things through using logic. He looks at economic trends and how individual companies are performing. He also researches historical data to make predictions.

Using accurate news sources is critical when doing research. There is a lot of fake news out there and many news sources are biased. He relies on Reuters for his news because it’s the source of news he trusts. If an investor relies on biased news they will make critical errors.

Investors need to be diversified. They shouldn’t invest in just one company or even just one industry, Igor Cornelsen said. This can put an entire portfolio at risk and it’s the main way people have major losses. He says to also buy assets other than stocks. He suggests bonds are among the best options.

The people with the most saved for retirement are those who get started early. A lot of people don’t start investing until they’re 40 which is a huge mistake. Money put away in your 20s has 40 years or more to grow. Younger people can also recover from losses easier since time is on their side. Igor Cornelsen says that even if you can’t put a lot away in your 20s just put away what you can consistently. Your older self will be very appreciative if you do.

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