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Powering Forward: MAGFAST Charger Introducing A New Wireless Charging Experience

by Chris Holden - September 21st, 2020.
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Nothing can be inconveniencing as carrying all your cables wherever you go. It gets even more frustrating if you have to carry them in different bags. But more than just being tiresome moving around, the cables could also break, leaving you with additional cost.

However, the main concern is the number of wires you can find in a household nowadays. And what is more annoying than having to buy different cables to charge devices from the same manufacturer? To make things simple, the MAGFAST charger is coming in to help you with wireless charging solutions.

Let’s dive into the world of wireless charging and sample some reviews about the MAGFAST charger.


The Unique Technology Behind the Wireless Charging System

Wireless charging devices use a universal standard that uses inductive charging capability. The term used for this universal standard is referred to as Qi, developed in 2008.

The technology being MAGFAST is what makes it be ahead of the pack. For instance, Samsung Wireless Charger Duo charges two devices simultaneously. While the charger comes with a USB-C cable, it also has inbuilt charging systems that enable wireless charging. Unfortunately for most Apple users, the wireless charger recently launched was withdrawn from the market. However, there is a reprieve for millions of people who are tired of carrying around cables.

MAGFAST reviews show that the wireless charger is convenient for travelers, leaving you with room to organize other things.


MAGFAST Is A Broad Family

It may sound like MAGFAST is just a single wireless charger. Contrary to what many people know, this wireless charger comes with six chargers. It thus covers every aspect of charging you may want to do. The MAGFAST power banks have a self-storing and an inbuilt cable that is replaceable. The beauty of the MAGFAST charger is that you can use it without connecting any wire. Read This Article to learn more.

In total, they have six chargers like the LifeCharger, LifeCharger Extreme, RoadCharger, WallCharger, and TimeCharger. Each serves its own purpose with one being able to power a car, charge multiple devices, or built to charge an Apple Watch.


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