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Preogress At Molecular Level of Alzheimer’s

by Chris Holden - February 17th, 2015.
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Researchers have recently released information regarding a key molecular finding into Alzheimer’s disease. What is being called, a molecular chaperone, inhibits the Alzheimer’s cycle before it can even start harming brain cells, which ultimately experience death.

The research gives doctors a way to treat Alzheimer’s, and scientists a way to search for the molecules that are known to treat the disease. Scientists are very hopeful about what this discovery means for other diseases and conditions, because they didn’t know what to look for when it came to triggers until very recently. Now that scientists know what to target, they will be conducting similar research looking for help with other diseases.

Marc Sparks has read that these molecules can now be used to help develop treatment and therapy in dealing with Alzheimer’s and its effects. Because these molecules are developed naturally in the human body, a huge part of the work is already done, as nothing new and unknown needs to be created and tested.

The specific molecule has been called, Brichos, and it sticks to threads of proteins that are known to lead the cycle and cause brain cell death in patients. When Brichos are attached to these threads, they cannot interact with other proteins and therefore cannot start the Alzheimer’s cycle. While it may take some time for scientists to figure out how to aid this process, it is a huge step and discovery.

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