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Privinvest – How One Man, Iskandar Safa, Brought The Group To A World-Class Level Of Success In International Shipbuilding

by Chris Holden - October 11th, 2019.
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In competitive economic environments, consumers get better deals. This is a natural outcome of competition. Less expensive and higher quality goods and services are chosen collectively by consumers because everyone wants better values.

The more competitors there are, the less profit each one is able to reap. Businesses join forces through acquisitions, mergers, and forming coalitions or partnerships. The international shipbuilding market has become much more competitive over the past few decades. Iskandar Safa realized this 30 years ago and decided to bring together some of the world’s greatest shipbuilding industry competitors.

An unbridled passion for making a difference in the world has been the driving force behind Iskandar Safa’s success. Iskandar Safa is an example of what concentrated hard work can obtain in the world.

A practicing civil engineer, Iskandar Safa ditched his safe, well-paying job to form Privinvest alongside his brother Akram in 1990. Today, Privinvest is one of the world’s largest groups of shipbuilding companies. Privinvest holds seven independent shipbuilding entities under its belt.

Through this partnership, customers feel safer about having their needs met successfully by Privinvest and competitors earn more money through decreased competition. Refer to This Article to learn more.


About One Of Privinvest’s Leading Shipbuilding Companies

Nobiskrug is one of the best manufacturers of marine vessels in Germany. The company, situated directly on the Elder River in the relatively small city of Rendsburg, has established itself as a leader in the European luxury yacht market.

One of Nobiskrug’s finest creations, as well as one of the most recent, is Sailing Yacht A”, which was custom-crafted for a Russian billionaire. It won an award at the 2018 World Superyacht Awards, a world-class recognition ceremony, for being one of the most innovative and technologically superior yachts large enough to be considered “superyachts.”

After Sailing Yacht A was finished last year, Nobiskrug tallied a total of 10 superyachts under its belt, each of which takes close to a year, if not longer, to complete. Get More Information Here.

A few of Nobiskrug’s most well-known superyachts include Odessa II, Mogambo, and Sycara V.


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