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Reliable Financial Solution-Equity First Holdings

by Chris Holden - September 4th, 2017.
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In 2012 a company known as Equity First Holdings was established. Equity First Holdings was founded with the main purpose of delivering financial services and products to individuals which include advisory services as well as investment services. They are also responsible for offering financial resolutions to their customers. Investors are able to benefit with both margin and stock loans which enable them to meet their long and short investment goals as well as their personal goals. Equity First Holdings can be described as one of the leading financial investment facilities which offer quality shareholding financial services. The investment institution prides itself for partnering with top organizations which include custodian banks, global international law firms as well as other investment banks in the world. Equity First Holdings was initially known as Meridian Equity Partners Limited before it was acquired and changed its name.

Equity First Holdings is one of the leading firms that are responsible for delivering financial solutions to both investments as well as high-net worth individuals who require non-capital loans. They specialize in providing stock loans as well as margin loans. The stock loans are unique as unlike any other type of loans the borrower can use equities as security. Equity First Holding’s stock loan comes with an added advantage in that they are non-purpose and have low-interest rates. Equity First Holdings return the shares placed as collateral by the lender at the completion of loan payment giving the borrower a chance to invest again in the equities. Another Equity First product is the margin loan. The margin loan is different as the borrower must specify the use of the loan and must be used for that specific reason. Equity First Holdings is dedicated to offering quality financial resolutions to its customers.,34.htm for more.

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