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Review: Unroll Me

by Chris Holden - July 31st, 2019.
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Unroll Me, a free email unsubscription service, similar to Sanebox, a paid subscription service that will clean and organize your inbox and displays only the messages it deems important. Unroll Me is the best thing since buttered toast. We all have thousands of emails that come in that are spam, pointless, and certainly annoying. PCWorld has recently done a review over the service and this is what they thought about it. 

Unroll me works on several platforms like, Gmail, Yahoo, and several Google applications. Although it isn’t available on all things yet, they are working to add it to other email services, like AOL, but it is hard to say when that will finally be. When you sign up for this free clean up service, you will do it online and simply just link your email account or accounts, and Unroll me does all the work automatically. Unroll Me will take just a few minutes to scan a jam packed Gmail account that holds thousands of messages. Once the scan is complete your “roll up” will show you a list of the subscription email you receive every day, and are placed in a bulk folder for you to review. Sounds fancy, right? Well PCWorld was less impressed by this function, stating that they were expecting to be able to open and view an email in that roll up folder, but however, that is not the case. The author explains that when you click on an email it takes you to a page on the unroll me website where you have to sort through your roll up once again. One of the positive sides of using unroll me, according to PCworld, when he hovers over a message of his choice, he can “edit” and choose to either unsubscribe from the message delivery or decide to have it sent directly to his inbox. Over all they think Unroll me has tons of potential and can go to extraordinary points, its just got some improvements to make and they would like to see it save them a little more time, as it should.

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