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Rex Ryan Gets Tattoo Changed

by Chris Holden - February 3rd, 2015.
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When a person gets a tattoo it is supposed to symbolize something that will be there forever. Well at least for the rest of the person’s life. However, sometimes things in life change regardless if we want them to or not. Then all we are left with is the regret of the ever lasting memory permanently inked into our skin. At least that kind of regret is howRex Ryan is feeling about the tattoo of his wife wearing nothing but a New York Jets shirt on his arm. So after he was fired after the team’s abysmal season, he was left with nothing but that last memory on his arm. Now he is employed by the Buffalo Bills and there team colors are nowhere near green.

In keeping with the changing times and changing teams, the head coach headed back to the tattoo parlor to get his tattoo corrected (well updated) with his new teams colors. Paul Mathieson has learned that the color change only cost him around $80. But should really serve as a warning to anyone out there wanting to get a tattoo as a way to show support or have a memory of a certain time. These things are meant to last a lifetime, not be as interchangeable as a job with an NFL franchise. These teams have loyalty only as long as the team is winning. Ryan is undoubtedly hoping this time the colors can stay for a few more years than his stint with the Jets.

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