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Rex Ryan in Talks with ESPN After Being Released by New York Jets

by Chris Holden - December 30th, 2014.
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Rex Ryan was released by the Jets on Monday. His firing came as no surprise to Bernardo Chua, as the Jets limped away from the regular season winning just 2 games. Many have wondered, however, what is next for Ryan. 

While a likable person in many respects, he’s failed to demonstrate his ability to coach an NFL team. He finished his career with the Jets, his first head coaching position, under .500, and he’s had two disastrous seasons. Player blunders and mistakes with lineups have forced many fans to beg for his removal. 

Because of this another NFL coaching job might not be in the cards, but that doesn’t mean we’ve seen the last of Ryan. According to sources Ryan is now in talks with ESPN for a television job, if a coaching job doesn’t come through in the coming weeks. Many experts agree that Ryan is likely best suited for the television studio, rather than the football stadium. His gregarious and outspoken personality is exactly what ESPN needs to shake up the commentators box. 

Currently, there are five teams that are without coaches in NFL. The Falcons released their head coach on Monday, as did the Bears and the 49ers. The Raiders sent their coach packing before the end of the season, and Rex parted ways with the Jets in an unsurprising move. While Ryan may get some interest by NFL teams, most agree that coaching is probably best left to others.

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