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Richard Liu Is Both a Medical and Finance Expert

by Chris Holden - August 21st, 2019.
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Richard Liu shares some interesting insights about how millennial careers play out. Many people often choose different careers throughout a lifetime. The upside is that people can acquire a vast amount of knowledge and experience in several fields while being on the move. While many millennials appear to bounce around, there are those who have the ability to successfully navigate new career fields. Richard Liu is such an individual. He is as successful in the finance field as he is in the medical field.

Richard Liu was born in New Hampshire. He gained interest in medicine having grown up in a family dedicated to the medical field. Richard also gained insights about the impact that medical professionals have in their own communities.

While many children enjoyed leisurely activities while growing up, Richard Liu spent his time pursuing academic interests. This was largely due to the influence of his parents who were both medical professionals. Richard Liu chose studies over play time. Click Here for more information.

It is obvious that he excelled in his education all the way to college. He chose Harvard to attend its school of Dentistry. His education was Ivy League, and it gave him the exposure, expertise, and experience to flourish in everything he attempts. After obtaining his certification, he set up his full-service practice in New Hampshire, called Evergreen Dental Care.

Liu joined FTV Capital. Before this role, he worked for TCV where Richard Liu excelled in investments, sourcing, and evaluating projects. Prior to this position, he worked as an investment banking analyst.

Richard Liu believes in offering the highest quality of customer service whatever the endeavor. The patient-doctor relationship is extremely important to him. The same holds true for the company/client relationship in finance. He treats people as individuals. Richard Liu is on the move.


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