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Richard Liu Qiangdong Talks About Background and Latest Developments of

by Chris Holden - August 10th, 2019.
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Richard Liu Qiangdong is a well known business leader who recently came to speak at the World Economic Forum. During 2018, he attended the forum to talk about his business JD with one of the hosts. While talking to the hose, Richard Liu discussed how he founded JD and what led to him starting up this company. When he was talking to the host, Richard mentioned that it was important to have ecommerce solutions so that you can sell products more conveniently to consumers. Along with offering ecommerce to consumers, Richard said that he plans on making changes to the company’s shipping routes. He is looking to have his company ship products to consumers in cities such as Washington D.C. of the United States and London, England of the United Kingdom. Over a span of two decades, Richard Liu Qiangdong has spent his time as an entrepreneur and as a professional in the computer and information technology industry.

Liu completed an undergraduate program in sociology and a master’s degree program in business administration. After he completed these educational programs he went on to start his career. He would begin working in the computer sector by freelancing in computer programming. Within a few years, he would join a company that would appoint him as the director of its computer and technology division. One of the most notable experiences that Richard Liu Qiangdong has had was when he started up his first business as a college student. He started up a restaurant that would become a success. Being a restaurant owner would allow Richard Liu to acquire valuable knowledge and experience that would allow him to achieve even more business success in the future.

After he finished college, he would shut down the restaurant so that he could work in the technology sector. Liu would eventually start up a couple of more businesses after working in the technology industry.  While Richard Liu Qiangdong had a successful career in the technology sector, he was interested in going back into entrepreneurship. His return to being a business owner began when he opened up a local retailer of optics products. For a short period of time the store was successful. However, an outbreak of SARS resulted in his shop losing customers. Therefore he realized that he needed to use ecommerce so that customers can buy products over the internet. As a result, Richard Liu formed a new company called JD. This company began to offer ecommerce as well as selling a wide variety of quality products. With this combination, JD was able to become the largest and most successful retailer in China.

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