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Robert Deignan Wants You To Take A Healthy Look At Tech

by Chris Holden - July 31st, 2019.
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As the Chief Executive Officer of ATS Digital Services, Robert Deignan has the first-hand experience with just how much technology has impacted the lives of people around the world. It’s important to make sure that you maintain a healthy relationship with something that is interacted with so much. With all of the ways that technology is able to positively benefit our lives, it’s virtually impossible to be able to avoid which is why it’s important to remember the potential downsides that it can come with if enough caution is not taken. Tech is almost anywhere we go, many people interact with it more than they do with other humans. You may be surprised if you take a look around and realize just how many people are spending time on their phones at almost any moment of the day.

The importance of technology cannot be denied and it is almost impossible to avoid it, which is why Robert Deignan suggests making sure that the relationship you have with the devices that you use is healthy. Too many screens can be a distraction and a study from UC Irvine showed that the average time that people focus on one task has gone down dramatically in just a matter of a few years. While there isn’t proof that just one thing is causing the shortening of attention spans, many believe that it has a lot to do with the prevalence of apps such as social media and streaming videos that have allowed people to get as distracted.

Robert Deignan co-founded his technical support company ATS Digital Services back in 2011. He was inspired by the remote assistance that the company he had been working with at the time provided their customers. While the focus of this company was viruses and other types of malware, Robert Deignan knew that the technology behind the remote assistance could be applied in many different ways to help solve a variety of different problems that users come across all of the time. The entrepreneur graduated from Purdue University in 1995 with a B.S. in Business Management. He started attending the college in 1992,

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