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Robert Ivy: CEO, Author And Architectural Expert

by Chris Holden - April 6th, 2018.
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When it comes to the field of architecture, Robert Ivy stands as someone who has an incredible amount of skill and experience. He has been working in the field for several long years and has had an astonishing number of contributions that have changed the developments that the field has seen. A lot of this contribution that he has made was made through the American Institute of Architects, which is an organization in which he stands as the Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer.

Having worked in the field for so many years has helped Robert Ivy understand the various nuances of the field and the developments that it needs. Because of this, he has been able to implement several projects that have improved the workings of the architectural field. One of the more prominent things that Ivy wanted to work on when he took over in this position at the American Institute of Architects was the formulation of apps and software that would help architects do their projects in a better and more streamlined way. With how much technology has improved the work that we do, development in this regard is sure to help every facet of the industry.

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Ivy has led an impressive career, starting out at some of the most prestigious architectural firms in the country. During his early years, he worked under some of the most noteworthy people in the industry and also had an impressive amount of exposure. He worked with a wide range of clients on a number of projects, which further improved his knowledge and skill in the field. He spent years perfecting the work that he did and worked hard to reach important positions within the companies that he had offered his services to. After a considerable amount of years, he becomes a partner at a company known as Dean, Dale, and Ivy. This was the highest point of his career, and the firm came to be known for having a brilliant reputation for the work that they did.

Working as an architect was not the only facet of the field that Ivy dabbled into. He is also reasonably familiar with the sector of architectural publications. He has been working as an Editor at the Architectural Review since 1995 and at one point, reached the position of Editor in Chief. He also worked for the publication section at McGraw Hill Construction. He had a good eye for detail and was able to gauge what it is that the customers reading these articles and magazines would want.

Because of his experience with architectural publications, Ivy decided to release a book that gave readers a glimpse of the work and life of Fay Jones, a notable American Architect.


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