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Roberto Santiago entrepreneurial skills

by Chris Holden - November 10th, 2017.
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With great, modern and very well-architected enterprises, the 58-year-old entrepreneur born in Joao Pessoa, named Roberto Santiago, became a reference in the state of Paraiba in recent years. Reference in investment, reference in diversion, reference in taking advantage of what is best in a region.

The biggest example of success for Paraiba is the Manaira Shopping, inaugurated in 1989 in the capital of Paraiba, but that has already undergone five expansions since the construction period. The place is one of the largest shopping centers in Joao Pessoa and provides the city with several other activities. Particularly when it comes to leisure, entertainment and fun. On account of him – and also of other initiatives of Roberto Santiago, such as Mangabeira Shopping, for example, inaugurated in 2014 – the city of the Northeast is no longer remembered and cited only when it comes to the beautiful beaches with a dizzying sunset.

The Manaira, built between the center and the beaches of the north coast of the city of Joao Pessoa, has 280 stores and 75 thousand m² of Gross Lettable Area (ABL). What most draws attention in Shopping, however, is its versatility. It was planned by Roberto Santiago to ensure customers satisfaction for the whole family.

If you like to go to the movies, go to Manaira Shopping – there are eleven rooms, equipped with modern and up-to-date display devices, also have VIP rooms, 3D room and Stadium System, the one with armchairs that are arranged as if they were bleachers to give visibility. If you want to go bowling, go to the Manaira – the slopes are modern and electronic. If, however, you prefer the electronic game machines, go to the Manaira – there are more than 200, with different styles that suit all tastes and ages. He is hungry, but he does not know if he wants to bet on the fast food style or prefers something more sophisticated, okay, go to Manaira – there are many options, there are food court, hamburgers and restaurants, Espaco Gourmet offers the most sophisticated chefs from Paraiba cuisine. Want to rent a ballroom, go to the gym, then go to the Manaira. It even has branches of universities in the place and, even, a house of shows.

It was in this that one of the most visionary entrepreneurs in the country, such as Roberto Santiago, was weighing – many options in one place, and the versatility and practicality adding positively in today’s daily life so rampant and tumultuous. Well, looks like the manager did it.

In addition to all the technology and contemporaneity, and as a reference in laser, fun and entertainment in the city, Manaira Shopping – as well as Mangabeira, designed a few years later – brought to the region great economic and social development. The houses in the surroundings of the Shopping had great appreciation, as well as the locality in general. Several companies began to take an interest in the neighborhood of Manaira and the city of Joao Pessoa, giving residents more and more options.


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