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Rocketship Education is Upright and Legitimate

by Chris Holden - April 3rd, 2019.
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An organization that was founded by John Danner and Preston Smith last 2006 was called Rocketship. The first school opened in San Jose, California where students were able to score as high as Palo Alto School District students according to California’s state assessment. Because of this, Rocketship Education was able to rapidly expand and grow by opening more branches and has opened six additional charter schools in the area of San Jose and has expanded its network by building schools outside of California such as in Washington, D.C., Tennessee, and more. Rocketship Education is known for being a network of public elementary charter schools who have been serving communities that have restricted access to eminent schools.

There was a recently published article written by a National Public Radio writer known as Anya Kamenetz who talked about the Rocketship Education and how it operates on a daily basis. The story has been recognized by people all over the world and writers from different states. Kamenetz is National Public Radio’s head blogger who presented her ideas regarding the approach, network and learning in Rocketship Education. She stated complex ideas about how Rocketship Education is as a whole and as an organization and also pinpointed how teachers handle its students and method of learning.

A lot of parents and teachers reacted to the article and how it was written because they noticed how most of it was just postulated by the NPR blogger and did not state any facts at all. Many people found the article as inaccurate and unbalanced. Instead of focusing on the achievements of the school and how parents recommend the effectiveness and efficiency of Rocketship Education, the blogger wrote about its challenges and issues which were already solved before.

The primary objective of Rocketship Education is to assist low-income communities all over the United States of America. Rocketship Education is proud of their teacher and technology approach as well as their personalized learning that helps the student acquire more knowledge with the use of proper content. Rocketship Education also allows the parents of their students to access their way of learning and the whole community of the school.

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