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Rules to Life and Business Success by Max Salk

by Chris Holden - June 18th, 2019.
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Max Salk is a landscape photographer and financial analyst who believes in keeping life simple and making time for pursuits that are creative and have a positive impact on life or business. For him, sports, photography, and travel are ventures that greatly balance his life. Max Salk lives by principles that ensure he is successful and set to face any upcoming challenges.


The first important business and life-related rule for Max Salk is being prepared. He believes that all ways, big or small are kickstarter by preparation. For instance, when Salk studied in the Netherlands, he decided to take a walk but did not leave his camera behind. He took photos of the landscape and many years down the lane; these photos significantly form part of his photography website. Preparation pays off in bigger ways and for Max Salk at that time, it led to a launch of a hobby.


Another rule for him is learning to let go of things after preparation, so they can unfold. Max Salk understands that some factors are unforeseeable and you cannot always be prepared to handle them. So, when he talks of preparation, he does not mean finding ways to deal with every possible outcome. He says that both in personal and business life one should make preparations and know how to adjust on the fly.


Max Salk also believes in making each moment count. He makes a thorough analysis of numbers and trends before he shares his recommendations with his colleagues and superiors. He takes time undertaking data analysis, possible scenario thinking and deciding on whom and how he should present the data he has come across and analyzed. However, his clients and colleagues don’t understand the time and effort he has put into presentations. They only see that Salk delivers recommendations and suggestions but do not understand the lengths he goes to, to ensure his presentations are high-quality, effective and informative. This is because Max Salk comprehends the significance of ensuring the most crucial moments count. His presentations may be only a small part of his work time, but they definitely affect business success.

He also believes in pursuing passion relentlessly. He advises that you find what you love doing and work to accomplish it. If it does not work, then find another option.

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