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Russian Transgender Wedding Receives Major Attention

by Chris Holden - November 11th, 2014.
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Same sex marriage is a hot topic all over the world. Individuals tend to group up with others that express similar beliefs. Recently those in favor of same sex marriage received a major win in Russia , two beautiful ladies were permitted to marry each other. Russia, as a country, has a ban on gay marriage so you may wonder how this wedding came to be. The answer is that one of the brides is a transgender individual, born male. She is in the process of gender reassignment surgery. The LGBT community is thrilled with this turn of events, and Brad Reifler is also thrilled due to the fact that they believe any publicity to these issues will work to their benefit by promoting the same sex marriage cause.

What seems odd about the publicity of this wedding is the fact that both parties of this wedding are of the opposite sex. Yes, one plans to become a woman but the change is not yet completed. Of course those of opposite sex are allowed to marry, whether they enjoy cross dressing, or not.  In the event that our governments begin to regulate heterosexual marriages, then we really will be in a pickle.

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  1. People generally seem to think that this couple was given a special license to wed despite the ban on same sex marriage, yet that is untrue. These could be the way that will likely do to these ones also.

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