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Sahm Adrangi and the Research World

by Chris Holden - September 6th, 2018.
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Sahm Adrangi is a celebrated executive who represents a distinguished firm that’s known simply as Kerrisdale Capital Management. He not long ago released an assessment of a business that’s called St. Joe’s Company. St. Joe’s Company had a costly analysis that seemed attractive and promising to many others from far off. It didn’t seem that way to Sahm Adrangi at all, though. He indicated that the craze that’s surrounding the company at the moment is essentially baseless. He also thinks that people are putting too much value on it. He doesn’t think that St. Joe’s Company can deliver for anyone. These things explain why Kerrisdale Capital Management is in the process of shorting the stock that’s associated with the firm. Kerrisdale Capital Management guesses that it has a true value that’s markedly lower than its value at the moment. It may be close to fifty percent lower, believe it or not.

Kerrisdale Capital Management has doubts that relate to St. Joe’s Company’s holdings. Adrangi and his colleagues believe that the firm has holdings that are oddly far off. They believe that the firm has holdings that are reminiscent of marshlands as well. They think that odds of upcoming development taking place are extremely slim.



Sahm Adrangi frequently speaks on behalf of Kerrisdale Capital Management as its Chief Investment Officer. He graduated from a famous Ivy League school called Yale University in 2003. He began his studies at the reputable New Haven, Connecticut institution four years earlier in 1999. He majored in economics and possesses a B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) degree in the comprehensive subject. Since Sahm Adrangi launched Kerrisdale Capital Management, he’s always been a big part of it.

Research is a subject that drives Adrangi to move forward each day. Short selling proficiency is another subject that makes Adrangi feel alive and invigorated. The objective behind all of his studying is to fix thought patterns that don’t make any sense. People often view business opportunities in matters that just aren’t logical. Adrangi gives people information via the website for his firm. People can head to Twitter for dependable details, too.

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