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Sahm Adrangi Warns Others Of Kodak’s Shady Business Practices As Of Late

by Chris Holden - April 11th, 2018.
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Over the years, Sahm Adrangi has issued reports at Kerrisdale Capital to keep investors informed of various companies in the market that are worth investing in as well as the companies that should be avoided at all costs. One of the latest companies that is under fire by Sahm Adrangi is the former photography giant, Kodak. Recently, Kodak has increased their company value on the market by roughly 200 percent, which is nearly unheard of considering it amounts to hundreds of millions in assets practically overnight. After a recent statement by Kodak that they were going into business with cryptocurrency parties, their shares suddenly skyrocketed.

According to Sahm Adrangi, this is because of the highly unstable market that revolves around cryptocurrency at the moment. Since there are so many people interested in cryptocurrency due to the high amounts of money involved, Sahm believes this is an attempt by Kodak to take advantage of people’s curiosity to take money from them. Nearly 6 years ago, Kodak issued a chapter 11 due to their lowered status and profits each year. Despite this, they have not updated their business practices or their products and they are currently in the same position they were in when they filed. This recent partnership and involvement with crypto has not earned them much attention from the public either. Instead, it is mostly investors that have taken notice and it is the investors that stand to lose out in the end.

In most cases, Sahm Adrangi’s advice is followed when it comes to investing since he has incredible insight into the industry and has managed to build his own highly successful investment company from the ground up. Kerrisdale Capital has more than 150 million in assets today and the company opened for business less than 10 years ago with under a million dollars to invest with. Despite the fact that Kodak was once a well-known and respected company, today they have really fallen behind the curve and it seems they are willing to get involved with shady company’s. They are going so far as to exploit the public to regain their losses, which is not something Sahm Adrangi can stand behind.

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