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Salem Recap

by Chris Holden - May 12th, 2015.
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On Sunday, Salem delivered another fantastic night of magic, manipulation and deceit.

Mary attempted to bring George back after he drowned from Countess Marburg’s spell. The Countess had realized that George was Mary’s only hold to power over the Salem’s council of selectmen. The vast differences in power that the two women posses couldn’t have been clearer as Mary’s every attempt failed. Mary broke down crying from what seemed like a combination of anguish over the loss of her position and her husband.

The Countess arrived in Salem and essentially took over the town using charm and monetary influences. Mary agreed to train under the Countess but both women revealed as the episode progressed that they will do anything to get rid of the other: Mary dug up Increase Mather’s head to attempt to find out how he vanquished the Countess before and the Countess made an alliance with Mercy.

John Alden continued to feel the effects of his use of the Native American magics. His utter obsession with killing all witches nearly ended with the death of Anne Hale, but Tituba stopped him in time.

Fans of the show at Amen Clinics ( know that Anne’s spell over Cotton resulted in him fighting for her honor against Hawthorne and then declaring his love to her. He nearly killed Hawthorne, but Anne stopped him. A demonic version of her Little Brown Jenkins also returned after she killed the mouse in her spell last week.

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