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Saving Items Electronically May Help Your Brain

by Chris Holden - December 16th, 2014.
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It has become almost common knowledge that sometimes saving things such as photos, and relying on photos and other saved information to inform our memories can actually make us forget the event. We come to rely on the information that we have saved instead of our own memories.

However, recent studies have show that there is a plus side to this phenomenon. When we save things, we actually open our brains up for new information. Essentially, when we save something somewhere that we feel that we can trust, we open up space in our brain for new information. This is very interesting to the doctors over at the Amen Clinic. We no longer have to focus on the information that we saved, because we know that we can draw upon it again when we need this.

Although we do not use all of our brains, we can use up all of our memory space inside of our brain that we can access. Sometimes, saving something is a great way to open up more space inside of our brains for new information.

This can be particular helpful in the academic world. When you save academic knowledge, you open up your mind to receiving new information and expanding upon what you already know. When you need to access old knowledge, you can simply look up the file and access the information again. Electronic storage may actually expand our capacity to think and to create new memories and ideas. Every draw back also has it own advantages if you look closely.

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