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Securus Technologies- Bettering Making Prison Life

by Chris Holden - September 1st, 2017.
Filed under: Crisis Communication, Inmate Communication.

Securus Technologies is a notable prison technology firm that was established in 1986. It is a Dallas-based company and has other several offices across Texas including one Atlanta based office in Georgia. The company has employed around a thousand people and own contracts with thousands of detention centers across the US. Securus Technologies holds a commitment to provide nothing less than fore-front criminal along with civil justice technology solutions as a way of improving the American public while smooth-running the incarceration process.

Securus prides itself in being the first to provide innovative and absolute technical solutions coupled with a complaisant customer service. Securus Technologies stresses on the special needs of the corrections and law enforcement communities while devoting to coming up with the best software solutions along with the greatest quality service offerings which favor the clients’ pockets while offering the best customer service in the industry.

Occasionally, Securus receives thousands of letters and emails related to the establishment and how the services provided have been of assistance in keeping the society, inmates, and their loved ones much safer. Securus Technologies aimed at transforming the penitentiary safety into what it is today is and feels privileged to be able to protect and serve clients.

Some of the customer comments and emails include how the assistance offered made it possible obtain information from a phone call and attain a search warrant and order the arrest of a corrupt staff member. Securus also provides investigative tools which enable staff members to perform investigations when there is a harassment complaint is reported, or there is a potential threat to the security of the facility or the community. Tracking phone call conversations also led to the discovery that an inmate had access to drugs and alcohol within the facility.

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