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Serge Belamant Helped Shape The World Of Blockchain

by Chris Holden - July 11th, 2019.
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Few people know of Serge Belamant’s role in developing blockchain technology. He is not your average computer scientist. Belamant is a college drop out like Zuckerberg and Gates. However, he was not afforded their education. Belamant was a good student and did amass his share of rewards. This is impressive considering that he did not learn English until after his early childhood.

Maybe it was Serge Belamant’s unique upbringing or maybe he just had a mind for seeing how innovation develops. In either case, Belamant was able to understand what needs to be done so as to lead the digital finance industry toward a better solution. His work would advance online money in ways that we take for granted today.

Serge Belamant innovation spans decades. Among the technologies that helped shape blockchain are his Method and Apparatus for Controlling a Gaming Operation. Belamant developed this technology a decade before blockchain. He would obtain a patent for it in 2001. His control mechanism led to the development of a smart card with impressive security. Belamant’s smart card was a forerunner to the solution that cryptocurrencies seek to fulfill.

The innovations made by Serge Belamant would coincide with the development of Bitcoin, the first blockchain. In 2010, he introduced a more secure financial transaction. In 2012, two new patents were obtained by Belamant. They provided a designation for electronic financial transactions, as well as, verified identities. Finally, in 2014, the computer technologist demonstrated how best to complete financial transactions with a pin that varied.

Blockchain technology is certainly more than a novelty. It is a solution that can solve many of the world’s problems. This is because the online world is incredibly inefficient. Large companies recognize this. It is why many well-known brands are adopting blockchain on their own systems.

One day, the online world will realize a blockchain-based network. Cryptocurrencies will be the mechanism for establishing value. Few people claim to know exactly how this will take place. However, most professionals in the tech industry have developed a respect for blockchain technology and, to a lesser extent, cryptocurrencies.

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