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Serge Belamant Is Deserving Of Being An Individual That People Know About

by Chris Holden - July 27th, 2019.
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The name Serge Belamant is most certainly one that should be considered the stuff of legend. Whether you know his name or not, he is the individual who laid the groundwork for what is becoming one of the most important pieces of technology to be developed in the last thirty years. It is Serge Belamant who is the initial developer of the blockchain technology that is becoming a major part of an emerging financial sector that has been popularized by brand names such as Bitcoin. It could end up being the case that when all things are said and done, Serge Belamant will eventually get his due as someone who has made one of the biggest, lasting contributions to our world over the last half a century.

Serge Belamant played one of the most critical roles in helping to develop the blockchain technology that is quickly becoming a regular phenomenon in many peoples lives. He is, in fact, the individual who holds the original patent on this major piece of technology. The technology that he initially developed was in relation to smart cards that could work both online and offline. Given that blockchain technology continues to hold such a massive amount of promise, Serge is very likely to go down as one of the most influential individuals in recent memory.

When Serge Belamant first developed what he called the Universal Electronic Payment System, a blockchain technology, he worked hard to get it into the banks but this was no easy task as banks are often resistant to anything that might present itself as an uncertainty. He did end up experiencing a major watershed moment in 1995. It was during that year that Serge came to work for the Visa company when they hired him to develop applications that made use of his innovative blockchain concept. There were other big moments for Serge as well such as in 1999 when he saw his technology implemented by the First National Bank of South Africa in regard to welfare grant payments. All in all, these moments clearly represent something special as this technology that Serge played a major role in is now becoming quite pervasive and looking to possibly change the financial system forever.

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