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Serge Belamant, the Inventor of Block Chain Technology

by Chris Holden - March 5th, 2019.
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Serge Belamant is not only an entrepreneur but also a computer scientist who has his birth roots back in France. The success of various modern technologies such as cryptocurrencies is attributed to his groundbreaking invention of blockchain technology. It has provided a means through which various institutions can carry out transactions in not only a quick manner but also in a secure manner. Visit

However, despite being born in France, Belamant moved to South Africa at the age of fourteen together with his family. This meant that Serge Belamant was required to be conversant in English and no sooner had he learned the language than he got enrolled into one of the high schools situated in Johannesburg. Within high school, his excellence was visible through his exemplary classwork, co-curricular activities and not forgetting chess, whereby he took part in a number of chess championships.

He joined a university in Johannesburg to study engineering after high school. However, after two years he changed from engineering to pursue a course in computer science together with applied mathematics. Belamant decided to start working while he was 22 years old. Within no time, he got employed and held various positions such as an analyst within huge companies such as IBM.

His skills saw him develop many applications within the various companies that he worked for while also inventing various multiplex computer models that were aimed at various research projects by CSIR. This saw him bag various positions such as the head of the computer wing for planning road projects within various areas in South Africa. This was a ground break to the use of computers in carrying out analysis of road connections.

Within the many companies and projects that he has worked for in the past, Serge Belamant is accredited for inventing VIB networks and new switching systems for both RSA banks and SASWITCH. He later came up with his own business, Net1 Technologies, in which he came up with the FTS and UEPS technology that was used by Visa. While living in the United States, he merged the UEPS and FTS technology so as to come up with the COPAC technology. He invented the blockchain technology while in Net1 Technologies which came as a major boost to the banking industry and application of cryptocurrency.Read more on

Through securing a number of patents, Serge Belamant has succeeded in protecting most of his innovations, including the blockchain technology.


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