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Sergey Petrossov: JetSmarter Is Setting The Standard In Luxury Air Travel

by Chris Holden - May 1st, 2019.
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One fine day in 2009, Sergey Petrossov was traveling in luxury on a private jet when the thought occurred to him that the entire private jet experience as it was currently run could be maximized for much higher potential efficiency. As he flew toward his destination, Petrossov simply couldn’t shake the concept that there was a far superior way to revolutionize the industry of private flights while still being able to give the clientele the extraordinary service and convenience to which that had become accustomed through private air travel.

The manner in which Sergey Petrossov set about to revolutionize the industry involved digital solutions through the use of technology which, of course, included an app for ultimate convenience. Sergey named his company JetSmarter for reasons which seem clear as the efficiency of private air travel continues to rise. Efficiency increases with the JetSmarter way can be attributed to the manner in which they allow several destination travelers to combine travel when heading in similar locations, yet without sacrificing the luxury treatment and high-class experience of private air travel.

Essentially, the traveler enters the app and selects his or her desired destination and time frame. The individual who originates the travel is assessed with a launch price and given a dedicated number of seats. After that time is made available for other JetSmarter members to view, they are then able to book seats. This method allows for flight expenditures that come far closer than ever to rivaling commercial bookings while never sacrificing the luxury and attentive service of private air travel.

Sergey Petrossov accredits his analytical background and the intimate understanding of what the luxury traveler wants and needs from his or her experience to the success of JetSmarter. In concept, this company began when Sergey Petrossov was a mere 19 years old, and today, at age 29, he has capitalized on serving the need of a segment of individuals in a well-designed and highly successful manner.

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