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Sergey Petrossov: The Innovator Disrupting Private Aviation

by Chris Holden - October 29th, 2019.
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SERGEY 1Traveling can be daunting and even for those who can afford to travel in style, air travel can still be complicated – even when chartering a private jet. That’s where Sergey Petrossov comes in.

Sergey Petrossov is the founder and CEO of JetSmarter, a Fort Lauderdale-based private-jet travel company he developed in 2012. Naturally tech-savvy, the Moscow native conceived the service after a chance encounter on a private jet in 2009. Petrossov witnessed how inefficient and lengthy the booking process. Being naturally tech-savvy, he thought to change the industry with an innovation that was on the rise: mobile apps.  

Sergey Petrossov’s aim with JetSmarter was to make private air travel more accessible for travelers, and at competitive rates. When he was developing his service, commercial flyers were able to book flights through mobile apps but the for private airfare, those options did not exist. Even for a luxury like private airfare, there was need in the market for a change.

By harnessing a community of flyers through a membership program and partnering with the more than 5,000 available airports in the United States, Sergey Petrossov created a system where flyers to either start their own private flight or join another flyer’s. Unique features include real-time private jet booking with guaranteed availability in more than 170 countries and complimentary helicopter services, with free transfers to and from New York area airports.

Sergery Petrossov

Though JetSmarter’s services are mainly targeted towards those that are accustomed to private flights and business class, JetSmarter offers enormous savings to their flyers, in part driven by customers sharing flights in between hubs. However, this is part of the lifestyle that JetSmarter encourages. Many of the flyers are innovators in their industries and the interaction between flyers facilitates future business relationships. This aspect of the flying is not only different but invaluable to those who not only want a luxury experience but want to expand their network. By servicing more than 50 routes on three continents, the possibilities are great for the JetSmarter traveler.

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