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Sharing Bathrooms with the Transgendered

by Chris Holden - November 16th, 2014.
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Cleveland is currently considering a billĀ  to make it a crime to prevent a transgendered person from using a bathroom, shower or locker room.

This is opening up a big can of worms. America still hasn’t ironed out racial equality, and we certainly have a long way to go with gay rights. The entire issue of gender identity is largely not understood at all by most.

There are a lot of questions people are asking. What Cleveland is talking about is allowing a man who identifies as a woman into a women’s bathroom or even a locker room.

This is an entirely new concept to many. The idea of a “cross-dresser” has been mocked in popular culture for an extremely long time. Even getting past that, people are having a hard time being assured that this is a good idea.

The reverse scenario is even more unnerving. A woman who identifies as a man that still possesses female genitalia taking a shower in a locker room full of men seems like a recipe for disaster.

There is a lot of learning and discussion to be had. What is being asked for is a major societal shift and we should proceed with extreme caution. As pointed out to me by Rod Rohrich, ll it is going to take is one idiot frat boy in a dress to ignite an incident that could set the whole thing back another decade.

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