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Sheldon Lavin Success at the OSI Group

by Chris Holden - July 27th, 2017.
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Sheldon Lavin name is not new in the food industry. Lavin currently serves as the chief executive officer and chairman of the largest food company in the world, known as the OSI Group. Lavin is known for his prestigious profile, and he is also the president of the great OSI International Foods. Due to these positions, Lavin has remained active in almost all the facets of the institution’s global operations. His greatest responsibility is making sure that there is efficiency in the organization. Lavin has also ensured that quality is maintained at the international level.

In the 1970’s, Sheldon Lavin decided to finance Otto and Sons. Several years later, the company evolved, forming the OSI Group. Since then, the hedge fund manager has acquired extensive knowledge in the industry, and he is one of the wealthiest individuals in the world. The tycoon is known for his leadership skills and vision that has helped the OSI Group to grow and become the largest and most successful meat processing company.

With the help of Sheldon Lavin, OSI Industries has expanded significantly from a small domestic food processing company into an international firm that is famed for business success. Lavin has also been an example to many young people who want to venture into the business world.

Due to his numerous accomplishments in the food industry, the businessman has received several awards. Just recently, the OSI Group leader was given the prestigious Global Visionary Award. The award is top-rated in the world, and it only honors the individuals who have numerous accomplishments in different industries. In the year 2015, Lavin also acquired the Lifetime Achievement Award due to his commitment and service to the Chicago community. The OSI Group, on the other hand, has experienced a lot of changes under his leadership. The institution has acquired many plants in many parts of the world.

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