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Skills That You Can Learn From Adam Milstein

by Chris Holden - June 20th, 2018.
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Adam Milstein is chairman of Israeli-American Council. Adam Milstein together with his wife Gila are the founders of Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation which primary role is to give Israeli people free Hebrew books on a monthly basis.Adam Milstein worked in real estate in the 1980s and had an MBA. Currently, he is a partner in the Hagar Pacific Properties.

Adam Milstein being a blogger has realized that the people of California and those of Israel have come up with medical research called WAZE which revolves around agriculture. He continues to confirm that in 2014, both parties signed a memorandum of understanding which was made by the Governor of California and the Prime Minister of Israel.

Israel, Beverly hill and west of Hollywood have formed an HIV/AIDS force which was signed to facilitate the issue of cyber securities, water conservation, culture and education, and public safety. Adam Milstein accepts and confirms that the people of California are looking upon Israelis on how to manage water in times of drought, where they term Israeli’s as water superpower.

In a historic moment, both the Ministry of Science of Israel and the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine agreed to research on stem cell which will be funded by Universities that will admit to the study.Universities such as Tel Aviv and Stanford together with UCLA and Technion are the first beneficiary of the partnership; this university will research on illnesses such as diabetes, Alzheimer, cancer and HIV/AIDS.

Through the signing, there is a high possibility of better results since most of the researcher are young people dedicated to achieving a great thing and becoming a scientist in future. There is high speculation on how the USA and especially the people of California will benefit from the research; it will attract researcher on how to hold water on rainy seasons and how to release it when draught comes.

Also, there is an expectation of change in culture and opportunity to enjoy high-tech and clean- tech at the same time. More things are expected to happen when the first project becomes successful.

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