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Smita Shah Helps Women Succeed in Male- Dominated Businesses

by Chris Holden - July 2nd, 2019.
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Many people believe that women are still not equal in several fields, one of the biggest fields being engineering. For Smita Shah, this has not been the case. Instead, Shah is one of the most well-known in the industry. She also enjoys discussing how to dominate the field as a woman.


As a young student, she always steered towards academics. While other students were at recess, she would study math problems that high schoolers would struggle with. This led her to compete in math relays, which everyone found fun.


She used these math skills to achieve degrees from notable engineering educational facilities including MIT, Northwestern University, as well as Oxford University. In 1998 she opened SPAAN Tech, Inc. The company has grown to become one of the most sought after engineering firms in the United States. 


Due in part to the success of her company, Smita Shah is speaking up and helping women succeed in male-dominated businesses. She is involved from a political level and guides women who are in need of direction.


The beginning of this shift, according to Shah, starts with seeing other women in powerful roles. Due to the current lack of women in male-dominated positions, the younger generation has no one to base success off of; therefore, they do not know where to start. She understands that women are different from men and face different challenges; yet feels we must recognize that we are just as capable as men. 


She does iterate that there are women stepping up to the plate. While the male number still outweighs the female number, there are currently over one hundred million female-led companies in the world today. All it takes is dedication and the understanding that you might fail, but then again, so might a man. Learn more:


Smita Shah does have some tips, the first one is to believe in yourself. Be proud of what you’ve already accomplished, and don’t let anyone else take the spotlight off of what you have done. A healthy self-image is important to female entrepreneurs. Every experience, both good and bad, is there to tell a story and help you grow.


It is important for you to recognize that the first impression will make a big statement about who you are and can shift a relationship. It’s important in business to be professional and look professional. 


Smita Shah believes in focusing on the short-term goal. Do not worry about the future or stress about the past. Little steps add up to the final goal being accomplished. Doing this includes having time management, and having time management means keeping your personal life at home and professional lives at work.


These beliefs have made Shah successfully and, if followed through, will make you successful as well. 

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