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Smita Shah on how women can empower themselves in the workplace

by Chris Holden - July 22nd, 2019.
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A woman named Smita Shah, who is both an entrepreneur and a talented engineer, shares tips on how women can empower themselves in the workplace and advance their careers. When it comes to Shah, she excelled academically as she loved completing math problems early in her life and applied that knowledge to contribute to relays at universities. She founded her own practice named SPAAN Tech, Inc., which is an engineering firm, and one of the best in the country. Now, Smita Shah dedicates her career to helping other women excel in the business world as entrepreneurs. She shares 10 ideas that women can try to propel their careers in the workplace with the first being to believe. She shares that how women carry themselves is a big part of how they are viewed by others and not believing in what they are doing can make it a burden on themselves and in being successful. Every woman can learn from their mistakes and do better the next time around. Next is for female entrepreneurs to be confident like males. Shah argues that it can be helpful for women to talk to themselves and examine what they have done to make the correct decisions later on. The third tip is for women to present themselves well and professionally with the correct attire and a good posture. Many know that the first impression is crucial and shows how a person will be around the office. If this is not done, others at work will not take the person seriously or not abide by what they have to say. Another important tip is for women to not let others take the credit for what they have done. Smita Shah instead argues for women to look for opportunities to advance in the workplace. The entrepreneur understands that people love to look at the future but advises that females focus on what they can do now to succeed. Worrying about what will happen years down the line can be draining on the mind and take away from what they can do now. The 6th tip is for women to not follow the stigmas attached to their gender. Shah argues that this will tell men that they can walk all over them. Next, Smita Shah advises women to understand that they will have to work harder than men to succeed and be willing to grow outside of their comfort zone. The 8th piece of advice from Shah is for women to be strict. For example, make people respect the woman by not letting people call them by their first name to show who is the boss. Next, they must stay professional at all times and not bring work home. The last tip is for female entrepreneurs to use their time wisely. Pacing themselves and taking it easy can help in the long scheme of things and help the mind by spending time with family. Smita Shah believes that females can empower themselves to become CEO’s in the workplace by following this advice and believing in the mission. Learn more:


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