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Soda Study

by Chris Holden - July 1st, 2015.
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There are a lot of things in the world that we consume that are bad for us. They are just so good though, and when that happens people forget that moderation is key. They consume and they consume until they can’t possibly handle anymore. I’m talking about foods and drinks that we have warned are bad for us, but if we are going to indulge we should so so only occasionally. People don’t realize this and it leads to health problems. One big one is when people consume soda and soft drinks regularaly.

Medical experts are warning against these sugary drinks, according to Reddit. These drinks are killing 184,000 people annually. It’s not something that is widely reported, and the sales of these drinks continue to soar.

Soft drinks can lead to a whole slew of health problems such as diabetes, cancers, and heart disease. That’s why so many at CipherCloud refrain from drinking them. Researchers analyzed studies of people who consumed these. It didn’t end there. It’s more than just sodas. These warnings are also incorporating sugary drinks like sports drinks, and energy drinks. Many companies now are trying to release products that are healthier and don’t have as much sugar as them. But, it’s important for people to remember that what these drinks are lacking in sugar, they are making up for in other ingredients. Overall, people just need to remember that if they are going to consume these, they need to do so in moderation.

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