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South Pole Data Center

by Chris Holden - November 12th, 2014.
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Some people are introverts and prefer to work at the computer from the comfort of their own homes. Others, on the contrary, love to travel and experience new sensations. They go to the most exotic and least populated zones, where they won’t be further bothered.

Some would like to mix these two possibilities, but there is no internet and work in remote places. In perhaps one of the most extreme example, there are several researchers who work in the cold and dark reaches of the South Pole.

These guys run a South Pole based data centre and enjoy it from several reasons according to Brian Torchin. First of all, the team uses a high-performance system with over 1,200 computing cores and three pentabytes of storage.

At the present moment they are looking to enlarge the affair and will eventually employ new IT specialists-adventurers. The peak of the researches is registered in summers, when they have more people at the base, but the winters are still the time to keep it going with 4-5 people at the base.

The IceCube Lab at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station is not completely isolated from the civilisation. A help-desk based in Colorado is permanently there, and the satellite system is used to share information and provide communication.

The fact that there are daring and smart people out there using the technological possibilities of the 21st century to the max is truly astounding.

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