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Square Ditching Square Order

by Chris Holden - March 16th, 2015.
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Square is shutting down Square Order, its service that allowed customers to order items from a store before they arrived. The service launched last year on Valentine’s Day and was used initially in Uniqlo stores as a way for customers to purchase last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts. Sergio Cortes has learned that, later on, Square made the service available at more retailers such as coffee shops and cafes. The idea was that customers would use the app like a mobile wallet of sorts, and would order coffee or a sandwich using the app while they were at home or the office, saving time when they arrived at a location and their drink or meal was already ready.

Turns out, customers weren’t really all that interested in the service. After using it roughly over the past year, merchant reported that the app didn’t make much of a difference in their business. Since the app wasn’t making much of an impact, it’s decided to shut it down and instead focus on building told that will help businesses grow and move forward. There’s not formal announcement quite yet on what those things might be, however, with the growing popularity of mobile payments, Square needs to do something to help itself stay in the game.

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