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Stansberry Research, let’s learn long term investing

by Chris Holden - July 22nd, 2018.
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In this article, “The Only Stocks I’ll Teach My Kids to Buy”, Stansberry Research, a publishing company, that researches and provides financial information and software by way of subscriptions; Porter Stansberry, founder explains the reason he has chosen to teach his children only one type of investing.


Stansberry Research used a specific team to analyze whether the opportunities to invest and become wildly rich still lie in P&C insurance companies. Bryan Beach, Editor, Stansberry Venture Value, headed up the team that created an insurance monitor system to find successful compounding insurance companies.


The monitor system has been in effect for six years and has beat the S&P 500 annually with less risk. Stansberry Research wishes that it had used its P&C stocks, which allowed premiums to be collected far more than claims were put out, for long term instead of using trailing stops.


This article, is about how Shelby Davis, a man of intelligence yet in a -bottomed out- job status, takes a position as an insurance superintendent and uses it to become wealthy with insurance stocks in 1947.


Stansberry Research uses investor resources such as Bookstore, Investment Glossary, Education Center and Investor Assessment to supply their subscribers with the best investment information possible and they believe in long term investing.


The Stansberry Research company states that one way to get “wildly rich” is to own property and casualty insurance stocks (P&C) because these organizations are not regulated like other insurance companies such as auto insurance companies are. This is what Shelby Davis discovered.


Therefore, the premiums collected are able to withstand the float, “the money held in paid premiums before claims are submitted”. Since the amount of these premiums are large the P&C insurance companies are able to invest and get large returns.


Stansberry Research is transparent about their investment research and seeks to help individuals who are serious about investing. They offer their method of obtaining profitable P&C insurance companies.


Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffet are two of my admired best economists and Stansberry Research uses their insight to help explain why these two were approached by Shelby Davis, founder of a small investment firm, to get them interested in helping build his portfolio and one of the companies he owned was called Government Employees Insurance.


Today you know this company as GEICO a successful Property and Casualty Insurance company.


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