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Stephen Murray’s Legacy: CCMP Capital

by Chris Holden - February 29th, 2016.
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JP Morgan Partners was one of the largest equity and investment firms in the world, but has in recent years been split into various independent companies. In 2006, CCMP Capital split from its former company, JP Morgan Partners to form its own independent, private equity firm. The firm focuses on leveraged buyouts and growth capital investments, and has, in the years since its inception, accumulated assists of over $12 billion in these areas. CCMP is headed up by Greg Brenneman. Originally, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was the CEO, but sadly passed away at age 52. He left the company shortly before his passing, citing health complications. Brenneman was chosen as his successor.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was an alumnus of Boston College undergraduate school. He graduated in 1984 with a degree in economics, and went on to study at Columbia Business School. There, he earned a Master’s degree in business administration. He began his career in the analyst training program at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation while still in school in 1984. His professional experience includes positions at Chemical Bank and Chase Manhattan Corporation. He helped found CCMP in 2006 and then, in 2007, was promoted to president and CEO. In addition to his business practices, he was also a philanthropist who supports charities such as the Make A Wish FOundation on food banks.

CCMP has over 50 employees spread across its offices in New York Post, London, Hong Kong and Tokyo. It is ranked number 17 in the list of largest private equity fund worldwide. It’s fundraising efforts in recent years have surpassed $3.4 billion, and in 2014 sold the pharmaceutical research company Medpace, netting $900 million in the sale.

Though separated from JP Morgan Partners, it still managed the company’s Global Fund. CCMP Capital Investments II is also managed by the same branch of CCMP. Among the portfolio investments of CCMP are AMC, Quiznos, Guitar Center, Aramark and 1-800-FLOWERS.

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