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Stratford Shields Works Wonders In Finance For Over 20 Years

by Chris Holden - July 10th, 2019.
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Stratford Shields built his banking and public finance reputation throughout many years, and he continues to operate from Chicago, Illinois. Loop Capital Markets is fortunate to have Mr. Shields as its Managing Director, and its clients in both the Northeast and the Midwest are able to benefit form his previous government experience that he earned serving at the Office of Budget and Management during his time in Ohio, and he was a Deputy Director while there. Shields understands truly the importance of any given financial client, and his strong analysis and strategies reflect this quite well. This makes Mr. Stratford a professional to be financially trusted.

Municipal finance has been familiar to Stratford Shields for the better part of two decades at this point, and there have been a few leadership roles for Mr. Shields along the way. One of these was offered to Shields at the Securities Industry Financial Markets. This man has additionally received something known as the “Deal of the Year” award, and this honor came at the words of Bond Buyer. It was the result of a more than $400 million completed transaction that related to Ohio State University and its vast parking system. Shields oversaw this specific deal.

Whether it is banking, municipal finance or even financial analysis, Stratford Shields appears to have the appropriate knowledge and execution to rise. Credit strategies have been yet another sphere in which Mr. Shields has performed with excellence. Mr. Shields holds a history degree from his time at Ohio State University, and he also, even more impressively, earned Columbia University’s MBA a bit later on. Prioritizing remarkable decision-making seems to have done wonders for Stratford Shields, and not only Shields’ clients but also his associated companies are both in gratitude to him. Top-notch monetary strategies are what to expect from Mr. Shields.

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