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Study Shows that Good Inventors Are Willing to Share Ideas

by Chris Holden - February 10th, 2015.
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recent article on the techdirt website was Marcio Alaor and the rest of the BMG team’s hot topic discussion today about a study done by Stuart Graham, a former high level administrator at the United States patent office.

Graham’s study looked at what kind of inventors who applied for patents choose to reveal information about their inventions before the patent was given and which did not. He was able to do this because the patent office allows inventors who have filed applications the option to either publish information about their inventions before the patent is issued or not. The study found that inventors who had valuable ideas usually chose to reveal their ideas early while those with less valuable ideas did not.

This is very interesting since you would think inventors with valuable ideas would not want others to know about them before the patent being issued. My theory is that people with good ideas tend to be more willing to share in the interest of everyone learning more. Also, they are probably proud of what they have created and want the world to know about their inventions as soon as possible.

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