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Susan McGalla Unveils Secrets to Success

by Chris Holden - April 1st, 2017.
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Susan McGalla is an interesting person that has managed to become a leader in the business world. I have seen some videos where she is speaking at conferences, and she is giving valuable information to many people that want to get into the marketing business.


Sometimes it is just easier to improve in the business industry when you have access to someone that is giving you pointers. I think that there are a ton of people that want to find the secrets to success, but the true success lies in the experience that is gained from various jobs.  Try clicking this.

The best thing about finding someone like Susan McGalla is that you get the chance to see behind the veil. People get the opportunity to hear her humble beginnings. Others that have wondered how it was possible to get to the position of CEO can see what Susan had to do to make it to this level. I love the fact that she is so transparent. Her life is an open book, and I appreciate those professionals that can share the secrets to their success. It is a good thing to see the work of Susan McGalla throughout the corporate world. It gives women motivation.  Check her on


I look forward to seeing all that Susan is able to do for the Pittsburgh Steelers with her brand awareness innovation tactics. She is a major force in the revamping of this fan gear for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and I think she will totally change this franchise.   Check also

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