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Sussex Healthcare: In Need of Care Givers

by Chris Holden - September 22nd, 2018.
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Providing quality health care to the elderly and to patients that have different disabilities is what defines Sussex Healthcare. Exhibiting expertise in the medical field, the caregiving institution seeks to promote the well being of its patients as well as cater to its staff. Since its establishment in the year 1985 under the leadership of Shafik Sachedina who was recently replaced by Amanda Morgan-Taylor who is the new CEO, the institution has continued to care for the elderly all over the UK.

Services Offered at Sussex Healthcare

People that experience challenges when trying to carry out normal daily activities require assistance in one way or another and the caregiver ensures that genuine concern and consideration is at the top of the list. Sussex Healthcare facility provides a diverse range of services to its patients and the residents of the elderly homes. Aiding in eating, walking, talking and even bathing are some of the aspects that caregivers look into. The services are offered to patients who may be suffering from the following;

  • Learning disability
  • Brain injury due to an accident
  • Mental conditions
  • Terminal illnesses
  • Physical disability

Need For Caregivers

Proper administration and dissemination of care must be supported by a staff that has desirable qualities. Sussex Healthcare requires that are trustworthy, punctual and reliable. Due to the sensitivity of the medical field, one small mistake can have a very negative impact on the patient hence the emphasis on integrity and transparency. The facility is in the process of hiring administrators, therapy practitioners, and nurses. Apart from gaining good experience and knowledge, the staff enjoys the following benefits;

Ø Competitive salary packages

Ø Reduced rates of accommodation

Ø Paid breaks and vacations

Ø Contributions to the employee’s pension

Ø In-house training

Ø Free staff bus

Ø Referral bonuses

Ø Free staff uniform

Ø Specialty classes and mentoring programs

It is a good opportunity to join the bandwagon and get a feel for what the institution is all about. Applicants should note that the facility offers training and therefore, it is not mandatory to have experience.

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