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Talk Fusion Offers Video Marketing and Business Opportunity

by Chris Holden - April 8th, 2016.
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If you own a business and are interested video marketing, Talk Fusion is now offering a free 30 trial as part of their international campaign. Its free video chat app can be downloaded from Google Play and iTunes and is fast becoming the top communication program throughout the world, ranking #1 in Indonesia, 5 in Japan and 20 in Switzerland. Since the Talk Fusion is compatible with all platforms, Android, Apple, Mac, PCs, tablets and smart phones, and offer a crystal clear quality, everyone who uses it has embraced it wholeheartedly. People around the world are also recognizing it as a great business opportunity by becoming an associate and realizing its pay out potential and the convenience of the Instant Pay Compensation Plan.

If you are a business owner who wants a fast effective way of communicating with current, future and potential customers, video email offers an effective way to tell viewers about your products, services, upcoming events and sales. You can also communicate more effectively with your sales force and others within your business as well as other businesses through video conferencing. Talk Fusion offers a suite of services that will help your business grow, make your services available in a click and make it easier for viewers to engage. Talk Fusion services include video chat, video email, video newsletters and live meetings. There are independent associated in more than 140 countries using direct selling to help you get started right away.

If you are someone who would like to join the Talk Fusion family as a direct selling associate, visit the Talk Fusion blog to learn more about the opportunity. In an interview, Bob Reina, Talk Fusion CEO, said that the people who influence his thinking the most are his associates, whom he communicate regularly with through the Talk Fusion suite of technology products, including video email, live broadcast and meetings, and video chat. The idea for Talk Fusion stem from his efforts to share a small video of a home he was considering through AOL email in 2004. Hoping to get feedback from his family on his choice, he was told by AOL that videos could not be shared through email. After he and a friend, Dr. Jonathan Chen whom he describes as a IT genius, attacked the problem. Video email emerged as the flagship product. Whether wanting to market you current business or wanting to join the direct selling side of the business, Talk Fusion can help you realize your potential.

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