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TalkSpace CEO Oren Frank : “Therapy for all”

by Chris Holden - April 3rd, 2019.
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Co-Founder and CEO of Talkspace Oren Frank currently sits on top of the online psychotherapy industry. Through his innovative and effective mobile app, Oren Frank has been able to provide the country with convenient and affordable therapy. The service could not have come at a better time as the conversation of mental health in the United States becomes more open and accepted by the public. Through the determination and hard work of Oren Frank and the Talkspace team, the company has managed to help an astonishing one million clients. A large majority of those clients stated that they did not have the ability or funds to seek assistance with their mental health before the Talkspace app. Talkspace utilizes the power of the internet and smartphones to provide discreet and effective assistance in the form of therapy to the public. They are highly revered for their use of licensed therapists and excellent customer service. Read more Talkspace Couples Therapy Review at

In 2012 Oren Frank founded Talkspace with his wife Roni with the philosophy of “Therapy for all.” They thought about the concept after they had received therapy themselves in the form of couples therapy. The couple’s time in therapy provided them the realization that therapy should be accessible to those who seek it. Before Oren Frank’s success with Talkspace, he worked in the advertising industry as a highly successful senior marketing and advertising executive for companies such as McCann Erickson WorldWide. Oren Frank states that his work with Talkspace is him making up for all those years in advertising. Although Talkspace has brought so many positive results to its clients, Oren Frank is not done yet. One of his latest business ventures with the company sees the service being offered to employers as a means to provide mental health assistance to their employees. The notion here is that a mentally healthy staff will provide more fruitful production and quality of work. Check:

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