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Talkspace is a Phenomenon Sweeping the Nation

by Chris Holden - July 8th, 2019.
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Talkspace is an app, but it can also be aptly called as a radical phenomenon that’s sweeping the entire nation. After all, it is a revolutionary app that has challenged and changed the landscape of psycho therapy in this country. People are no longer stuck with just the option of face to face therapy, which is often cost prohibitive and inaccessible because they are difficult to schedule.

With an app that uses technology to its advantage, Talkspace is able to adequately address mental healthcare by providing a cheaper avenue for people to find and seek help from licensed therapists from across the United States. This quality healthcare comes at the reasonable price tag of roughly twenty five dollars a month, which is so much cheaper than a one hour in face therapy session.

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On top of that, this care can be accessed at any time of the day, no matter where a patient is. Technology allows patients to be coordinated to the right therapist because of a cross-matching algorithm that paves the way for matching of personalities and qualities of patients and therapists. After all, therapy isn’t just finding anyone to talk to you. It is about building a rapport and a relationship with the right kind of person that you can trust with all the worries in your heart and mind.

Talkspace provides an unlimited text messaging platform, which allows patients to be in constant contact with their therapist. They no longer have to wait for an appointment when they are feeling down. They can also opt for an audio or video chat. Patients have the power in their hands because it is up to them if they will retain anonymity or not. Of course, strict privacy and non disclosure still applies for all the online therapy sessions, so confidentiality is one hundred percent guaranteed. On top of that, the interface of Talkspace is hack-proof, ensuring that all the data exchanged remains secure. Learn More:

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