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Talkspace is Against COVID-19 Related Prejudices and Discrimination

by Chris Holden - July 6th, 2020.
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In as much as people put the necessary measures to see a better world, it is not always easy because there are very many individuals who are trying to look for bad information and put out there in the world. Talkspace understands that the outbreak of a major pandemic such as coronavirus has significantly exposed the deep rooted problems that millions of people around the world have been hiding inside their hearts. It is a clear demonstration that millions of people have been exposed as racist and xenophobic in nature.

Talkspace has learned that there are very many individuals who are associating the prevalence of coronavirus with Chinese and other people from the Asia region. This is a widespread perspective that is actually being shared by millions of people around the world. However, this is not the right perspective and it should not be certainly used to distract the truth of the matter. A disease can emerge from any part of the world. Visit talkspace on Instagram for updates.

However, health experts have noted that any person in the world can be affected by the illness and any country in the world can be the source of any virus that can wipe out the population of the world. As such, associating the virus with any person or country does not only portray ignorance but it somehow echoes the racist nature of many people.

Therefore, Talkspace is working on a program that will help people from desisting from sentiments or perspectives that associate the disease with the common challenges that people are experiencing in the world today. This is not the best time to allocate blames and associate illnesses with people or countries. Instead, it is high time for human race to come together and pull all the resources necessary to fight the challenge at hand without discriminating.

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