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Talkspace, the New Type of Therapy

by Chris Holden - July 18th, 2019.
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Talkspace is an application that provides therapy for people all over the world. This application was founded in 2012 by the current CEO Oren Frank. CEO Oren Frank at the time when creating Talkspace was in fact in search of therapy for himself. This application was made with the idea of being an easier pathway for more people who are in the need of therapy to actually find the therapy that meets their needs.

When joining Talkspace, the process is quite simple allowing all ages to feel comfortable with the online application. From the very beginning of joining the application, you are given the opportunity to join a chat box. In this chat box, you can ask actual therapist questions and concerns that you have from the very start. To finish with signing in like most applications you need your email, a password, your name or a nickname. You can continue to ask general questions to the therapist provided through the chat box until you feel comfortable to actually consider the use of Talkspace. This part of joining is absolutely wonderful because it’s free and it gives people a chance to make a choice best for themselves. Read more reviews at

Talkspace allows people to receive actual therapy from professionals for affordable prices. They provide three levels of therapy plans to choose from. There is the Unlimited Messaging Plus for $49 a week. The second is the Unlimited Messaging Therapy Premium for $59 a week. And the third is the LiveTalk Therapy Ultimate for $79 a week. Discounts are also included for those who stick with their therapy for longer periods of time. Aside from the one on one therapy provided the application also provides couple therapy for couples.

Once choosing a package plan suitable for one’s needs you are able to use the application in many ways. You can use a laptop, you can use a tablet, and even a smartphone. You are able to communicate with your therapist through text message, through audio messages, you can even send video messages. And you will always receive a real response from your therapist daily, which is apart of all the package plans. And those who choose the Livetalk plan they are able to speak to their therapist through a live video chat giving you that feeling of being actually in front of a therapist.

Talkspace has proven to connect the best therapist for peoples problems and needs. This application has been very successful in providing quality professional help. It has over way more than 200,000 people who use this application to receive therapy. Talkspace has been mentioned all over about its effectiveness and the convenience of how people are able to receive therapy. It’s proven to be the new type of therapy. Related:

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